Mayor Recall

Mayor Recall Information

  1. If enough signatures are obtained (approximately 54,000), there will be a recall election, and Orleans Parish will vote on whether to recall the mayor.
  2. The recall effort extends for 180 days (6 months) from the date of the recall was filed. The working date is February 22, 2023.
  3. The signatures are verified by the Orleans Parish Registrar of Voters, Sandra L. Wilson, Ph.D, within 20 days of receiving the requisite number (approximately 54,000) of voters petitioning for a recall election.
  4. Within 15 days of receiving the notification from the Orleans Parish Registrar of Voters, the governor calls for a special election to recall the mayor.

The following information comes from the Orleans Parish Homerule Charter:

  • If the recall election removes the mayor, the position would be vacant.
  • Interim mayor – Between the date the mayor is removed from office and an election is held to fill the position, the city council by majority vote would appoint one of the councilmember-at-large as acting mayor. (The councilmember-at-large seat remains vacant, and the council member would resume their duties once a new mayor is elected–even if they are a candidate for mayor).
  • The election for a new mayor would be called by the city council within 10 days of the removal of the major and will be held at the earliest available date permitted by the election laws of the state. If the vacancy falls within 60 days of any special or general election, then the date of the special or general election would be the date for the election of the mayor.
  • The interim mayor serves until the election for mayor is held and the new mayor is seated.

Click here for the recall petition.  Recall Petition Sheets

To be successfully counted, the rules at the top of each column must be followed.

  1. DO NOT
    1. Add any numbers in the far-left column. That will be done when all signatures are submitted.
    2. Add any information at the far right on the bottom. That will be done when all signatures are submitted.
  2. To find your ward and precinct, click on this link
  3. Be sure to find another registered Orleans Parish voter (who does not sign on the form you are submitting) as your witness.
  4. In an abundance of caution, print and sign your name as a witness.
  5. Drop-off points can be found at
  6. Use this link to register to vote

(We apologize if any information must be corrected or updated.  This has been a learning process).

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