MacArthur Bike Lanes

On Monday, August 29, at 10 am, the City Council will hear public comments on Councilman King’s proposal to reconfigure the bike lanes on MacArthur. This is the last chance to hear from the public, especially MacArthur residents.

The meeting notice:

4. Discussion with the Department of Public Works regarding the redesign of certain bike lanes in Algiers (R-22-48).
5. Consideration of an Ordinance barring certain protected bike lanes in Algiers and ordering the Department of Public Works to remove same in a specified period of time.

Step 1.  Attend the council meeting.  This is incredibly dynamic and a sure way to get the council’s attention.

Step 2.  If you are unable to attend, please click here to send a public comment

Step 3.  Email the council using these links
Helena Moreno:
Joseph Giarusso:
JP Morrell:
Freddie King:
Eugene Green:
Lesli Harris:
Oliver Thomas:

If you feel like the city did not adequately notify and include you in the changes that were made to our area, this is your day to shout out and shine.


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