July 1, 2021, Meeting

We had a wonderful meeting last night thanks to you.  Lively discussions!  Our action take-away items are:

1.  Attend the next monthly Algiers Police Advisory Committee as a group. The next meeting is Wednesday, July 21, at 6 pm, at the 4th District Station, 2405 Sanctuary Drive.

2.  Vote by anonymous ballot next meeting whether we wish to remain informal or become a formal group with elected officials, by-laws, dues, and a bank account. (We can always change our minds later).

3.  Call Richards’s disposal regarding large trash piles

Our next meeting is on August 5 at 6 pm at Woodland Presbyterian.  Please bring a friend.  We would like to have the first half-hour devoted to our organization and the second half-hour devoted to inviting other residents to attend a candidate forum.  We will be reaching out to candidates to attend and will update.  We are also reaching out to other neighborhood organizations.

If interest in the meeting grows beyond Woodland’s vision of hosting our events, we may change locations or limit the number of guests.  Please stay tuned for a subsequent email.

Our group on NextDoor is  Sign up for NextDoor to access interaction with other villagers.

Our website is Information will be posted there if you are not on NextDoor.

For those who wish information by flyer, we will send out finalized meeting information closer to August 5.

Volunteers to hand out flyers!  Thanks!  Please let us know how many flyers you wish to hand out by responding to this email, and we will get a street list to you.  Covering your neighborhoods would be fabulous start.  We saw the response from the flyers on Hyman and Sullivan!  WooHoo!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Making Algiers a Better Community Together!
Christy Lynch

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