July 21 Community Meeting 4th District Police Department

Phyllis, Patrice, and I attended the community meeting on behalf of our neighborhood association.  We learned

  • Algiers is better staffed than other areas of the city and has fewer problems in comparison to them.
  • Most crimes come from known offenders and domestic disputes
  • Our current Commander, Captain Lawrence Dupree, has seven years of experience in New Orleans East under his belt
  • The crime strategy is to put “Cops on Dots” by focusing on whether the crime is a one-time incident or part of a long-term trend.

  • Lots of crime in Algiers is theft of unsecured items.
  • They are prepared to work traffic once construction of the new Belle Chasse bridge affects traffic along General de Gaulle
  • They will be working on a plan to evacuate MacArthur given the lane changes and parked cars in event of a hurricane.
  • Crimes in progress–they will find a way to circumvent MacArthur traffic in order to respond quickly.
  • We have a community liaison officer – Jamal Kendrick.  He will help with abandoned vehicles, unauthorized vehicles parked in residential areas, blighted property, and trash piles.  His number is 504.658.5424.  His email is  He responded quickly to an email I sent with pictures of eviction trash on Huntlee at two residences.   He has prior relationships with city hall officials and knows how to move concerns along.
  • Officer Kendrick is working on getting these piles of eviction debris removed

  • Commander Dupree is aware of the parking lot disco/bar near Kabel and General de Gaulle.  There is a alcohol bureau meeting next week regarding permitting that should handle the problem.  They are aware of this problem and are working on it.

  • Carjackings – Commander Dupree advised all of us to keep our head on a swivel, especially at stop lights.  Being distracted by a phone can make you vulnerable.  He said if you are rear-ended and do not feel good about the situation–call 911 as you drive to the police station.  Motion the other driver to follow you there.  You will not get in trouble if you call right away.

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