Algiers Neighborhood Presidents’ Council News and Notes

Meeting March 22, 2022

From 4th District Captain Jonette Williams: 1. there has been a decrease in violent crime, 2. Algiers is safer than compared to other parts of the city, 3. citizens and criminals can see the “blue lights” police cars patrolling the area.  MAX (Management Analyst for Xcellence) meetings are reinstituted at the 4th District Headquarters each Tuesday at 1pm.

Councilman Freddie King’s office is working with code enforcement on Tullis to reduce dumping and code infractions.  To have an Algiers dumpsite, more work is needed for rezoning and code enforcement. City Redistricting – Another 5,000 residents added primarily around the Zulu Club and Dookey Chase.

State Rep Delisha Boyd – State Redistricting – Seat may pick up either Tall Timbers or Park Timbers.

Both King, Boyd, and Senator Gary Carter are working with the city to rehabilitate Bretchel Park which can only be used as a recreational area.  There will be opportunities for citizen input.

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